Giant Peep Plush 38 Inch!? Amazing Easter Stuffed Animals

Giant peep plush 38 inch

Every year, Easter season comes around, and that means Peeps are everywhere! Stores are bursting with these colorful marshmallow bunnies, children are salivating, and parents are afraid for their wallets. Every year, Peep releases collaborations with companies to sell a stuffed animal version of this iconic Easter treat: “the giant peep plush 38 inch.” This Peep is not for the faint of heart. The size of a small child, it stands a whopping 38 inches tall, making it the largest Peep ever created. 

But every year, the giant Peep plush 38 inch gets bought up by resellers and posted online for more than double the price! If you missed the original sale, the classic yellow Peep plushie will set you back a cool $108.99 from Walmart. A rainbow version is not much cheaper, for a whooping $99 on Walmart.

However, this year, they’re back and bigger than ever! Walmart has released its new collaboration with Peeps, for a 42 inch plushie! That’s 4 more inches of cuddly plush! They come in multiple colors and are still in stock.

Giant peep plush 38 inch

Also this spring, Build-a-Bear is doing a new collaboration with Peeps to make similar plushies. They are shorter, at 36 inches instead of 38, and are going for $60. Walmart’s plushies are cheaper, but Build-a-Bear has a better looking rainbow plushie, making the decision of which to pick difficult.

Easter Mango Borb

And if you’re looking for something a little different that will work year-round, check out Friend’s Collection’s Mango plushie, a cute bird-orb plushie. She’s relatively a smaller plushie, but much cheaper at $19.99. For Easter, she comes with a surprise egg, filled with artist-drawn stickers, magnets, and candy, which is a deal that ends on Easter (March 31st at midnight). Made by small business and neurodivergent owners, this plushie is made to be sensory friendly.

Mango Borb plushie stuffed animal
Mango plushie in an Easter basket
Mango stuffed animal next to an Easter basket
Artist created stickers, magnets, and candy.