Luxurious stuffed animals designed in Laguna Niguel. Starting at $8.99/Borb.

Friends Collection is a proud member of the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce

From Laguna Niguel to the rest of the world, Friends Collection stuffed animals are designed to be as lovable as possible. Think soft, squishy, and luxurious—not scratchy, not crunchy, not cheap. Instead, we have been working tirelessly out of our little apartment to make the BEST stuffed animals we possibly can. Even if it means eating beans to survive in Laguna Niguel!

The first of these stuffed animals was designed as a side project at the Laguna College of Art and Design. (Thank you, Glenn). And now one of our first Brick and Mortar partners is PandaBox Collectibles in Laguna Niguel.

Most recently; we have begun work on an exciting new dog stuffed animal while visiting the Montage at Laguna Beach. Keep an eye out for Bitsy, the funniest little dog plushie with the same quality standards of our other plushies.

While we have merely just started, we have already shipped plushies to as far away as the Middle East, Scandinavia, and (you won’t believe this), Murietta!! They’re even being sold in Canada. So join us on our adventure to make more stuffed animals like these, so that we can make the lives of stuffed animal collectors just that little bit better.

CNN Business indicates that toy sales for adults increased from $1.7 billion in 2021 to $6.4 billion in 2023. And studies found that the most important aspect of a stuffed animal is in it’s softness(Tribot et al, 2023.) Our #1 goal at Friends Collection is to make the SOFTEST, highest quality stuffed animals in the world for the burgeoning luxury toy market. Join. us today!

I hate character plushes that are made of scratchy materials.


Also I can’t STAND sequins on plush ????


I generally like embroidered eyes much better than safety eyes. I see a lot of people saying that the embroidered eyes look cheap, but I think they’re cute and make the plushie more cuddly.


Not a hot take, but I will only get a plushy if it feels good. I am very heavy on texture, so if it feels like sh*t, too bad bucko, I ain’t gettin’ it.


Anything with too much hard plastic in the face (huge eyes, sculpted faces, teeth, etc). Makes it less cuddly.


I don’t like stuffed animals that are really stiff, or their limbs are stuck in a sitting or standing position. I guess they look nicer for display but I like stuffed animals for cuddling.

  • NO cheap, crunchy stuffing.
    • We only use premium, high quality silky stuffing.
  • NO scratchy glitter/sequins/felt bits
    • These additions look fun, but can cut and leave marks during hugs.
  • NO bead eyes
    • Bead eyes can fall off and pose a choking hazard.
    • And nobody likes to pet a hard bead in fur.

Here are our first super soft stuffed animals. Click to learn more about them.

Breb Chinchilla
Lime Slime Conure
Mango Borb

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