Reddit Plushies: is Squishmallow a Good Brand?

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r/Plushies and Squishmallow

If you’re a fan of stuffed animals, then you know about Squishmallow. These adorable, marshmallow-soft plushies skyrocketed into popularity, thanks to their kawaii appearance, their TikTok virility, and their fun collectible nature. But be warned, if you are looking for a gift for yourself or another stuffed animal collector, you should be aware of what the plushy experts are thinking. What is the Reddit’s Squishmallow Rating?

Our community on r/Plushies wants to warn you… they aren’t the best for starting your plushy collection.

“I have the same problem with them as I have with funko pops. They’re products simply made to be as collectible as possible without having to put much care or effort into the designing process. They’re lazy and ugly and capitalist in the highest measure imo”


  1. Soft and Comfortable:
    Praised for their soft mochi-like texture, making them appealing for cuddling and relaxation.
  2. Affordability:
    Generally considered reasonably priced compared to other plush toy brands.
  3. Collectible Appeal:
    Draws collectors due to their collectible nature and ease of acquiring multiple variations.
  4. Ease of Availability:
    Readily available in various retail outlets and online stores.
  5. Comfortable Size:
    Appreciated for being a convenient and cozy size for use as pillows or companions.
  1. Simplicity:
    Criticized for uniform and simple designs, likened to the “Funko pops” of stuffed animals, lacking diversity for collectors.
  2. Reseller Market Impact:
    Higher prices and scarcity due to reselling practices, making desired Squishmallows harder to obtain.
  3. Political Controversy:
    Discontent over the company’s political affiliations affecting user support.
  4. Quality Concerns:
    Noted decline in quality over time compared to earlier versions.
  5. Lack of Diverse Designs:
    Desire for more imaginative or varied design options due to the limited range available.

So what does Reddit’s r/Plushies Rate Squishmallow?

Breaking down the poll results, the sentiments are notably negative:

  • 2 votes declare them as “my favorite stuffed animal brand”
  • 13 votes acknowledge Squishmallows as standing out from other brands.
  • 17 votes see them as on par with other plushy makers.
  • 41 votes indicate they’re not favorites but might still attract a few collectors.
  • 51 votes express a general dislike for Squishmallows.

135 Votes

Very Favorable (1.5%)

Slightly Favorable (11.1%)

Neutral (16.3%)

Slightly Negative (30.4%)

Very Negative (40.7%)

Here is one of the most common complaints about the brand… They look very similar, and they all follow the same cute design philosophy. A few squishmallows can be adorable little friends, but once you have shelves and shelves of them, you might be losing your own identity as a plushy collector and become more of a brand collector.

“I like how they feel, but otherwise I don’t get it. I know a lot of people collect them, but I don’t understand the point in doing so because they all look the same? It’s boring. I have the same issue with beanie boos.”


“I’ve always disliked the way they feel both fur and stuffing. And I disagree with the CEO’s political stance.”


“I didn’t care for them at first… but then I got a little bat, that led to a few more. I like all marshmallow plushes, not just squishmallows.”


And with some of the other major complaints being around resellers choking the market, it’s almost as if Squishmallow might be suffering from success.

“I love them sm, but I don’t love how the resellers have gotten a hold of them, and now it’s pretty impossible to get new drops without paying double or more what the squish is worth. However, I love the collection I’ve acquired, and my kids love them too haha. We’re a very squish positive house ????”