Reddit Plushies: is Jellycat a Good Brand?

r/Plushies and Jellycat
Jellycat's Rose Dragon, a favorite on

If you’re a plushie expert, you’re likely familiar with some Jellycat stuffed animals. Founded in the UK in 1999, these stuffed animals have since exploded into being favorites for adults and children, alike. They are celebrated for their unparalleled quality and diverse designs. But before diving into this cuddly realm, let’s take a peek into what Reddit’s r/plushies community has to say about these beloved companions.

I really respect Jellycat. Their stuff is always quality, every time. Every time I’ve gotten a plushie from them, it has been exactly what I wanted.

They can be a little more expensive than other plushies, but you’re absolutely getting every cent of that in increased quality. And while they are more on the expensive side, they’re nowhere near as expensive as some of the luxury brands. There’s also none of that “This costs so much because it’s made from the eyelashes of a rare furry mouse that was fed nothing but non-GMO strawberries” nonsense. It’s all good materials, good patterns, and good construction.

Lastly, there’s something for everyone! They make animals, they make mythical creatures, they make objects, they make plants, they make foods… if you like a thing, Jellycat probably has a plushie of it.


  1. Superb Quality:
    Consistent praise for high-quality materials, durability, and overall construction of Jellycat plushies.
  2. Diverse Designs:
    Appreciation for a wide range of designs, from animals to food items, catering to various tastes and preferences.
  3. Softness and Comfort:
    Consistent mention of the softness and cuddly nature of the plushies, making them comfortable to sleep and cuddle with.
  4. Community Engagement:
    Positive remarks about the brand’s subreddit, indicating a supportive and engaging community for fans.
  5. Accessibility of Sizes:
    Availability of different sizes, accommodating different desires, from small to gigantic plushies.
  1. High Price:
    Consensus that Jellycat plushies tend to be expensive, making them less accessible or discouraging multiple purchases, especially larger sizes.

So what does Reddit’s r/Plushies Rate Jellycat stuffed animals?

Breaking down the poll results, the sentiments are positive.

  • 9 votes declare them as “my favorite stuffed animal brand”
  • 34 votes acknowledge Jellycats as standing out from other brands.
  • 23 votes see them as on par with other plushy makers.
  • 15 votes indicate they’re not favorites but might still attract a few collectors.
  • 1 vote express a general dislike for Jellycat.

82 Votes

Very Favorable (11%)

Slightly Favorable (41.5%)

Neutral (28%)

Slightly Negative (18.3%)

Very Negative (1.2%)

Our r/Plushies community unveils a chorus of admiration for Jellycat. Members rave about the exceptional quality and craftsmanship behind these plushies. “They’re super cute too! Especially the bunnies,” enthused one user, echoing the sentiments of many regarding their undeniable charm. With its main drawback being that of price, it’s clear that Jellycat is a pretty robust brand to choose when you’re collecting your new friend!

“I don’t own any Jellycat plushies but from what I know they do seem to be generally higher quality then most other stuffed animals I’ve seen. The quality looks wonderful and the packaging they come in seems just as great, I’d assume the company puts a lot of love into making these things. They’re super cute too! Especially the bunnies.

My only real gripe and the only thing that stops me from buying one is the price. I know they’re made from high quality materials and such but they are so, so expensive. If they were at least mildly more affordable I’d for sure get one, but the price is a major turnoff.”


Although maybe it’s a reason to find them secondhand. With this level of quality and durability, you should be able to score some wonderful deals on Jellycat stuffed animals online. (Maybe the BUY/SELL tab of r/Plushies?)

“I was lucky enough to thrift an older Jellycat plush recently! $3 for what was NWT online for around $100 due to it being retired. I’d describe mine as gently used with tag. It’s my first ever Jellycat. It is definitely very high quality, and I’m in love. I was already a distant Jellycat fan (wanted one, but never put forth the money), but this one has truly sold me.

It’s definitely high quality, and has already survived and thrived with a significant amount of abuse. I’m physically disabled, so I rely on plushies being high quality so it’s one less thing to worry about. It was incredibly easy to spot clean, too–again, one less thing to worry about! I can’t wait to get more! And hopefully, more with the same minky fabric. It’s my absolute favorite, and reminds me a lot of Squishmallows (which are a favorite brand of mine, too!).”