Behind the Borbs

Behind the Borbs: Friends Collection’s Mission

Friend’s Collection’s mission is to make high-quality stuffed animals that address the needs of neurodiverse community members like ourselves. Not only should the world normalize the use of ESSA’s (Emotional Support Stuffed Animals), but we should strive to make longer lasting and more sensory-friendly plushies for the world. Behind the Borbs, we hope to make the softest, most luxurious stuffed animals around!

Our Borbs have recently been featured in the “Laguna Beach Independent”, and “We Love Laguna Beach,” with Borbs available at Across The Pond in Canada, PandaBox, Laguna Niguel, and Crazy Alan’s Emporium in NC. Not to mention Amazon,, and Etsy!

We want to make you the BEST stuffed animals possible, that can last a lifetime!

Behind the Borbs: Meet the Borbs!

Marlene Anderson

Michael Kuroda

Joan McCarthy

About Us at Friends Collection - Chiara


Also… we just love the underrated pets of the world.