What is Friends Collection?

Friends Collection is a small stuffed animal startup, led by Marlene Anderson and Michael Kuroda. We are a aneurotypical set of creators, making stuffed animals for other aneurotypical stuffed animal collectors like ourselves! We have a high bar for the stuffed animals we collect, and we want to make sure you get the same when you buy from us!

Why Are We Different?

We encourage you to search around for other stuffed animal brands like our own. The other “viral” brands dropship $0.80 plushies from China. You can tell that their stuffed animals aren’t any better than something you can buy from a dollar store.

Our Friends Collection Friends are Patent Pending high quality birds, manufactured to the highest quality we could achieve, and cost us a massive premium over our competitors. But that means that what you’re getting isn’t anything short of a high quality friend for life.

What is Our Business Plan?

We currently have a decent quantity of Mango Budgies arriving soon. Once they arrive, and once we receive our other borb prototypes, we will be launching a Kickstarter to crowdfund a set of new borbs! We’d like to give a special thanks to HouseFishBalloon for helping us set up what we can only hope to be, a successful Kickstarter!

Marlene Anderson

Designer of the Borb, and an amazing artist! She is currently reaching out to influencers and maintaining our Social Media.

Michael Kuroda

Runs the business and accounting of Friend’s Collection. Currently spending a lot of time building a Kickstarter and Patenting Mango.

Chiara Cois

Our Amazing Social Media Advisor, and Graphic Designer. Makes sure that our stuff looks pretty and stays relevant.